As you know, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to profoundly disrupt our everyday lives. Since our chapter’s founding in 2002, we have been dedicated to creating a safe environment for participants of The First Tee, which continues to be our top priority as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff has been working to implement updated protocols and procedures that are aligned with recent recommendations, guidelines and orders from Gov. Polis and Mayor Hancock. Please Click Here to see what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of all First Tee staff and participants.

At this time, we expect to hold summer and fall programming. Please contact us at or 720-865-3426 for more information. This is an unprecedented situation and we hope to avoid any future disruptions to our programs.


If your last class was a Birdie level class or Players’ Club please refer to those pages for more information!

Click on class name to reach sign up page.
Refer to chart below for the recommended next class. 

Must take at least one full session to qualify for advancement
Often participants will need to take a session more than once
(Please refer to recommendation sheet passed out at the end of each session)

Previous Class  Youngun  

now take →  Advanced Youngun

PREVIOUS CLASS  Advanced Youngun




Previous Class  Player

Now take → PAR or Advanced girls only

Previous Class  PAR

If you Didn’t PAss certification take  Par

if you PASSED certification take → PARDIE

Previous Class  GIRLS ONLY

If you Didn’t PAss certification take → GIRLS ONLY

if you PASSED certification take → Advanced girls only

Previous Class  PARDIE

If you Didn’t PAss certification take → PARDIE

if you PASSED certification take → INTRO TO BIRDIE OR  PLAYERS’ CLUB

 Previous Class  Advanced girls only

If you Didn’t PAss certification take → Advanced girls only

if you PASSED certification take → PARDIE

Previous Class  Beagle

Now Take →  PLAYERS’ CLUB Or Birdie


We are also offering a parent/junior class for all skill levels. Please click here for more information.


-Not all classes will be available in the spring and fall