Read ‘N’ Swing by Erica Yates

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As a previous educator and the Director of In-School Programming I see the value of incorporating academics with sports. One of my favorite programs we offer is Read ‘N’ Swing.  Read ‘n’ Swing is an after school program and takes place at schools in some of the most under served areas of Denver. The program can be anywhere from 8-24 weeks long and is free to the school and students. Who knew anything was still free?

You’re probably still wondering what Read ‘n’ Swing is. Students are invited to stay after school and read with staff and volunteers. The instructor to student ratio is no more than 2:1 for this program, which is my favorite part. This is where I see the biggest impact. The relationships and rapport established between the students and adults is moving. Nothing makes you feel better than having a child excited to read with you. After quality reading time and good behavior, students are rewarded by participating in an engaging golf activity.

Literacy is important to overall academic achievement. Statistics show that if a child is not on grade level in reading by 3rd grade they are more likely to drop out of high school and other long term consequences. By combining reading with fun activities, students begin to look forward to it. By encouraging reading outside of a traditional classroom setting, students begin to associate academics with life outside of school. If you are interested in learning more about Read ‘n’ Swing or bringing it to a school near you, email

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